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Linux Administration Online Training

At linux administration online training, explains in detail. Linux is an operating system. It is the software on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator. It accesses the devices on the computer to perform desired functions. Features of Linux Administration are Kernel, bind, iptables, Samba, Sendmail, qmail, Postfix, exim, Squid, NFS, ngxix, proftpd, LDAP, Apache, lighthttpd, vsftpd, …. Etc. Master the Concepts of Red Hat System and Red hat Manager (RPM) by learning Linux Administration for Red HatThis is an in-depth Training Course that gives you all the skills needed for working as a Linux Administrator. You will learn about the Red Hat System, installation, managing the boot processes, performing various operations, understanding Linux Kernel, testing and debugging.

Duration 30 Hours

pre-Requisites N/A (Basic to Advanced)

Linux administration online training is like practically any other discipline that you can keep it to the basics. You can also advance to the level you choose. The basics of Linux administration online training will start with an explanation of what administration is and why it is needed. Linux administration is typically associated with the performance of highly technical tasks. The tight security and management of hundreds of users are also associated on a large network. All of those things are truly a part of some jobs especially that of senior administrators. Even the single home user is a system manager.

Linux Administration online training course makes the participant completely knowledgeable in Linux System Administration. . It starts with Linux environment and then jumps to Bash Shell scripting/programming which is essential for any serious Sysadmin. The online linux course is an in-depth coverage on Linux system fundamentals as well as advanced administration including monitoring and troubleshooting.

Then it moves on to describe important concepts and aspects of Linux sub-systems like User/Group/Process Management, Networking, Automated Job Scheduling, event log files, Backup, package management, installation. It monitoring and troubleshooting aspects which are necessary to perform regular day-to-day operations efficiently on a Linux System. The linux administration online training will be focusing primarily on CLI commands. It is opposed to GUIs so that the participant will have a significantly high learning curve.

Course overview :

Linux administration online training is a powerful open source operating system. It is being used by a large section of the corporate world. This OS ensures that you have the power to configure, manage, and secure your systems. Linux administration Training Online Course will help you take on high-paying jobs in the corporate world as a Linux Administrator.

File System Management:

  • Creation of File Systems
  • Converting Ext2 to Ext3 file systems
  • Understanding EXT2, EXT3& EXT4 File Systems
  • Understanding fdisk,e2label, mount, umount commands
  • Reverting back from Ext3 to Ext2 files systems
  • Understanding fstab and mtab files

Linux basic concepts & installations:

  • Installation through FTP
  • Installation in Standalone Machine
  • Installation through HTTP
  • Installation through NFS
  • Installation through KICKSTART

User management:

  • Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
  • Understanding different types of groups and creation of groups
  • Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  • Creation of users in different groups
  • Understanding passwd aging
  • The different commands for Monitoring the users
  • Understanding users security files

Network files system (NFS):

  • Configuring NFS server and different NFS clients
  • Understanding NFS server and NFS clients
  • Configuration of autofs, NFS security
  • Understanding daemons and files in NFS of boot phases

Run levels:

  • Understanding run control scripts
  • Understanding the different types of run-levels
  • Understanding the different types
  • Understanding different types of shutdown commands

Course Benifits

  • Best Professional Trainer
  • Resume Preparation
  • Doubt Session Support
  • Detailed Industry Material
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Record Sessions
  • Topic to Topic Assignments
  • Custom Topics
  • Crash Course
  • Interview Questions PDF's
  • In Depth Hands on Examples
  • 24/7 Support


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