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This Jira Online Training provides you information about JIRA ,lets you prioritize, assign, track, report and audit your 'issues', from software bugs and helpdesk tickets to the project tasks and change requests . More than the just an issue tracker, JIRA is an extensible platform that you can customize to match your business processes. Jira online training improves the productivity by cutting down on time wasted on tracking issues and coordination .It improves the quality by ensuring all tasks are recorded down with all the details and followed up till completion Akeley Consulting.

Duration 30 - 35 Hours

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In this Jira Online Training you can get information about development of Jira. It is a proprietary issue product, developed by Atlassian. It provides the bug tracking, issue tracking, and the project management functions. Although normally styled it, the product name is not an acronym, but the truncation of Gojira, the Japanese name for Godzilla, itself a reference toa Jira’s main competitor, Bugzilla. It has been developed since 2002.

At this Jira Online Training giving information According to Atlassian, It is used for issue tracking and project management by over the 25,000 customers in 122 countries around a globe. Some of organizations that have used it at some point in time for a bug-tracking and project management include Fedora commence, Hibernate Jboss, Skype Technologies. Spring frame work and The Apche Software Foundation uses both Jira and Bugzill. Jira online training includes tools allowing migration from competitor Bugzilla.

The online jira training is a basic use of this tool is to track issues, and bugs related to your software and mobile apps. It is also used for project management. The JIRA dashboard has many useful functions and features which make the handling of issues easy. IRA Software is a powerful platform that combines issue collection and agile project management capabilities into a single application. In this Jira Online Training telling about JIRA Software, that helps you plan and organize tasks, workflows, and reports for your agile team more efficiently.

Course Overview

The JIRA families of applications are built on the JIRA platform. In this online traing of jira telling JIRA Core is the default application of the JIRA platform, and will always be present in a JIRA instance. This Jira online training gives you information about the jira packages.

Jira online training is offered in three packages:

  • Jira Core includes base software.
  • Jira Software is intended for use by a software development teams and includes the Jira Core and Jira Agile.
  • Jira Service Desk is intended for use by the IT or the business service desks.

All users that can log in to the JIRA instance will be able to see all the projects in that instance (pending permissions), but they will only be able to see an application-specific features when they have application access. In this jira online training giving you one example that is the Software project is able to display information from linked a development tools, such as the Bit bucket and Fisheye, as well as agile boards, but this information is only a viewable by a JIRA Software user. A JIRA Core user would be able to see Software project, but would not be able to see the Software-specific features, like agile boards or the information from linked development tools. Likewise, a JIRA Software user would not be able to see any JIRA Service Desk application-specific features on a Service Desk project, only a basic view of the project and its issues.

Course Benifits

  • Best Professional Trainer
  • Resume Preparation
  • Doubt Session Support
  • Detailed Industry Material
  • Real Time Scenarios
  • Record Sessions
  • Topic to Topic Assignments
  • Custom Topics
  • Crash Course
  • Interview Questions PDF's
  • In Depth Hands on Examples
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