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JBoss online training explains in detail. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 is a middleware platform built on open standards, and compliant with Java EE. It also includes development and APIs frameworks you can use to develop powerful, secure, and scalable Java EE applications quickly. Data source management is streamlined. JBoss Application Administration focuses on deployment and installation of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform. It configures and monitors the core application server for production usage. It reaches beyond the application programming interface. It enforces the applied knowledge of the technology ensures the application administrators. It will be able to better maintain, understand, and troubleshoot their environments.

Duration 30 Hours

pre-Requisites N/A(Starts from basic to Advanced)

JBoss AS is the open source version of JBoss and JBoss EAP is the commercial version. Versions of the two coincided until later releases, they are JBoss 6 EAP is the commercial equivalent of JBoss 7 AS. The JBoss applications server is a J2EE platform for developing. It even deploys Web applications, enterprise Java applications, and services, and portals.

J2EE allows the use of standardized modular components. It enables the Java platform to handle many aspects of programming automatically. A beta version of JEMS is now available on Amazon’s cloud service EC2. Overview of technologies prepares a production system for deployment. Deploying an enterprise application secure applications will identify potential problems. It determines root causes Solutions for application crashes and performance problems Performance tuning Deploying clustered applications. Tying together multiple applications in a single environment integrates external applications with SOA Coordinating transaction.

Read the entire JBoss online training course outline for more details. A JBCAA certification is earned when an IT professional has demonstrated the skills and knowledge. It is used to configure, install, manage, monitor, and deploy applications to JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

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