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IBM Mainframes Online Training

IBM mainframes online training is the large computer training systems. It is produced by IBM from 1952 to the present. Current mainframes in IBM's line of business computers are developments of the basic design of the IBM System/360. During the 1960s and 1970s, the term mainframe computer was almost synonymous with IBM products due to their market share. IBM mainframes online training has been the home to Mainframe Professionals and MVS experts from all over the world since early 1998. We are a team of IBM mainframes online training programmers. It is possibly the best team of mainframe professionals of the world. The features here a wide range of support forums where you can have conversations. Get advice from a community of Mainframe experts including the original developers of Control-M, IBM DFSORT, SYNCSORT, CA-7, Abend Assist etc. We also offer unbiased advice from and to community members on technical and project. The related queries on CICS, COBOL, SQL, JCL, MVS, DB2, TSO, zOS also.

Duration 30 Hours

pre-Requisites N/A (Starts from Basic to Advanced)

course overview

Most mainframe workloads fall into one of two categories:

  • Batch processing.
  • Online transaction processing.

This includes Web-based applications. Today’s mainframe can run standard batch processing such as COBOL as well as batch UNIX and batch Java programs. A mainframe can be the central data repository, or hub, in a corporation’s data processing center. It centralizes the data in a single mainframe repository. It can save customers from having to manage updates to more than one copy of their business data. This increases the likelihood that the data is current.

Many of today's busiest Web sites store their production databases on a mainframe host. This security, scalability, and reliability are critical to the efficient and secure operation of contemporary information processing. Corporations use mainframes for applications that depend on scalability and reliability. New mainframe hardware and software products are ideal for Web transactions because they are designed to allow huge numbers of users and applications to rapidly and simultaneously access the same data without interfering with each other.

Course overview:

IBM Mainframes online training is a self-contained processing center. It is powerful enough to process the largest and most diverse workloads in one secure “footprint.” There are different classes of mainframe to meet diverse needs of customers Business Class and Enterprise Class. At the same time, Mainframe is also just as effective when implemented as the primary server in a corporation’s distributed server farm.

Security, scalability, and reliability are the key criterions that differentiate the mainframe. Businesses today rely on the mainframe to:

  • Manage terabytes of information in databases.
  • Perform large-scale transaction processing.
  • Handle large-bandwidth communication.
  • Support thousands of users and application programs concurrently accessing numerous resources.

Typically, the mainframe shares space with many other hardware devices. They are external storage devices, channel controllers, hardware network routers, and automated tape library “robots,” etc. Unlike in the past, now, the mainframe is physically no larger than many of these devices and generally does not stand out from the crowd of peripheral devices. Earlier Mainframe used to have rooms for them but now they are just part of a data center.

IBM Mainframes online Training interfaces today look much the same as those for personal computers or UNIX systems. A business application is accessed through a Web browser, with the mainframe in the background.

It is now possible to run a mainframe operating system on a PC that emulates a mainframe. Such emulators are useful for developing and testing business applications before moving them. The mainframe production system can be useful in cost savings.

Course Benifits

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