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Apache online training course is the popular web server software. It enables a computer to host one or more websites that can be accessed over the internet using a web browser. Its popularity in the web hosting market is largely because it is a open source and free to use. Therefore, web host companies can offer apache-based web hosting solutions at minimum costs. Other server software, such as windows server, requires a commercial license. It is also supports a multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems. Since may popular web hosting configuration. In this Apache online training gives efficient information of this topic.

Duration 20 - 25 Hours

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The name was chosen from respect for the Native American Indian tribe of Apache, well known for their superior skills in a warfare strategy and their inexhaustible endurance. It is known as makes a cute pun on” a patchy web server” made from a series of patches. The group of developers who released this a new software soon started to call themselves the its Group. It is very fast, and reliable.

The first version of it was released in 1995 by its Group. In 1995 by the this Group, became the Apache Software Foundation, a non-profit organization that a currently maintains the development of its web server software. It can host a static websites, as well as a dynamic websites that the use of server-side scripting languages, such as PHP, Python, or Perl. Support for these and other languages are implemented through modules, or installation packages that are added to the standard installation. Apache online training also supports the other modules, which offers an advanced security options, the file management tools, and features.

Course Overview

In this Apache online training you can know about overview of this topic. This HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache, is web server software notable playing a key role in the initial growth of the World Wide Web. In 2009 it became the first web server software to surpass the 100 million website milestone. It was the first alternative to the Netscape Communications Corporation web server currently known as Sun Java System Web Server, and has since evolved to rival Unix-based web servers in the terms of functionality and performance. One main point of Apache online training is the majority of Web Servers using it can run a Unix-like operating system.

It is a maintained by an open community of the developers under the auspices of Apache Software Foundation. The application is available for the large variety of operating systems, since April 1996 apache has been the most popular HTTP server software in use. As of the February 2010(update) Apache served over 54.46% of all the websites and over 66% of the million busiest.

Apache online training is used for many tasks where content needs to be made available in a secure and efficient way. One example is sharing files from a personal computer over the internet. A user who has it is installed on their desktop can put arbitrary files in a it’s document root which can then be shared.

Course Benifits

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