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Angularjs online training

It’s not a JavaScript library we provide, it is Angularjs online training. There are not functions which we can directly call and use. It is not DOM manipulation library like jQuery. It is Focus on HTML side of web apps. For MVC/MVVM design pattern. It is a JavaScript MVC framework created by Google to build properly architecture and maintainable web applications. It is what HTML could have been if it had been designed for web application development .It is built around the philosophy that declarative code is better than imperative code while building UIs and writing different components of applications together. In this Angularjs online training gives efficient information of this topic.

Duration 25 - 30 Hours

pre-Requisites Basic Java

In this Angularjs online training the concept explanation has given. The Goal of Angular “is to an augment browser-based application with model-view-controller capability” and it does just that, providing binding, mind you. With a structure as simple as {{my data}}, you bind data to your page. The $scope service detects change to the model and modifies HTML expressions in the view by the way of controllers. Working in the other direction, changes to the view are reflected in the model. This eliminates the need for the vast majority of a data centric DOM manipulations many of us, me also included, take for granted when working with a library like jQuery.

Being accustomed to a powerful library like jQuery, it’s easy to want to mix in it do things Angular can already do. Recognizing this potential pitfall, the developers have this to say:”if you are struggling to break a habit, consider eliminating jQuery from your app. Really Angular has the $http service and powerful directives that make it almost always an unnecessary.” One thing is for sure, if you stick to a Angular, the jQuery loops and explicit back and forth with the server will be absent from your code, since Angularjs online training provides such a succinct and clean method of achieving the same things.

Course Overview

In this Angularjs online training you can know about overview of this topic. It is a JavaScript framework made by Google for building complex client-side applications. The Angular’s killer feature is a ‘directives’ that allow you to extend HTML by creating tags and attributes. These projects have somewhat different structure than other JavaScript MVC frameworks, but it can be highly modular and easy to maintain once you understand the structure.

It is the new kid on the coding block. To quote from their website it is “a structural frame work for dynamic web apps” which is especially well suited for a building one page web apps, although it’s certainly not a limited to that.

Developed in 2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Aborns- boyh Google employees at that time- it is entirely JavaScript can run, it can run. It’s also small: compressed and minified it’s less than 29kb. And it’s open source under the MIT license. You can even use the logo, available under the Creative Commons Attribution share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

It is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend’s HTML’s.syntax to express your applications components clearly.

Course Benifits

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